Part 3: Workwear Destruction & Textile Recycling (Why We Do It)

At Coppermill Ltd, our aim to reduce solid waste by reclaiming, converting, and recycling textiles. We are achieving this through our green manufacturing processes and by using biodegradable packaging, thereby reducing waste and minimising landfill usage. We are a ‘green’ company aiming for a zero-carbon footprint.

By reclaiming unwanted textiles from Companies we are actively diverting thousands of tons of material which would otherwise have ended up in landfill. From the moment natural fibres arrive at the landfill site, it would take that item up to 1 year to break down and decompose, for non-natural synthetics that same process takes up to 100 years! 

Coppermill Ltd Textile Recycling

Each textile saved from landfill is recycled and given new life as an economical cleaning cloth 
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To book in a collection, or to discuss your recycling needs, please contact us using our online contact form, or call today on 0207 729 2999.

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