Part 2: Workwear Destruction & Textile Recycling (How We Do It)

Part 2: Workwear Destruction & Textile Recycling (How We Do It)

At Coppermill, our bread and butter as a business is the manufacture of Industrial cleaning rags from 100% recycled textiles. Our equipment and company processes are purpose-built to create wipers from unwanted garments, so naturally any unwanted or redundant workwear received is primarily analysed for its qualities as a cleaning wiper.

100% cotton and cotton-rich items are sent through to our cutting team who manually cut each item into sensible sized wipers. These are then processed by the quality control & packing departments to be packaged as 10kg bales of cleaning rags. The cutting team also separate any offcuts and logos to be processed separately. 

In the unlikely event that it cannot be used as a high quality wiping cloth, items are hand-shredded and recycled for use in many other industries, such as filling for punchbags, loft insulation, carpet fibres, soft furnishings, sofa padding, and much more! 

Any off-cut or logo which doesn't fulfil any of the above is sent for eco-friendly incineration, which produces green energy.

Textile Recycling & Workwear Destruction - Coppermill Ltd

Cotton T-shirt being professionally cut and recycled into cleaning rags
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