Part 1: Workwear Destruction & Textile Recycling (What We Do)

Coppermill Ltd have specialised in the safe and eco-friendly destruction of redundant and/or branded workwear for many years.

We have received thousands of garments and textiles over the years from Companies who require their old stock to be safely destroyed and recycled, including shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, bags, hats, scarves and more. 

Each textile is hand-sorted and inspected to ascertain it's strengths and qualities based on the material it is made from in order to determine where it's future lies as a recycled textile.

Branded sweatshirt being recycled for future life as a cleaning wiper
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To book in a collection, or to discuss your recycling needs, please contact us using our online contact form, or call today on 0207 729 2999.

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