Secure Destruction

Coppermill Ltd Secure Destruction of Branded Garments

Safe Destruction of Textile Materials / Branded or Redundant Workwear and Clothing

At Coppermill Ltd, we offer complete and confidential destruction of almost any textile material. Our service is eco-friendly, compliant, safe, secure and sensitive, and all customers will receive a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the work.

When dealing with highly sensitive, branded, or confidential textile waste, you must be 100% certain it’s completely destroyed - with no risk of it re-entering the supply chain. Our secure destruction service guarantees the destruction of everything from Company clothing, workwear, items with logos, and out-of-specification textiles such as product recalls and obsolete products, so you have guaranteed peace of mind.

Example of branded fleece jackets being recycled

What happens to your waste?

Our mission is to divert all textile waste from landfill. Your textile waste will likely find new life as a cleaning wiper, but if the material is not suitable to be safely used against another surface it could be utilised as loft insulation, carpet fibre, punchbag filling, and much more.

All materials will be handled using eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and where extracts cant be recycled they will be sent for green incineration which creates energy from waste.

For further information, pricing, or bespoke requests please contact us using the form below, or call 0207 729 2999 and a member of the team will be more than happy to discuss how we can help with your recycling needs. 

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