Manufacturing Process

Coppermill Ltd Manufacturing Process

Collection / Arrival of Goods
(First Inspection)

Driver undertakes a visual inspection of the raw material upon arrival from the supplier, and again when loading onto the vehicle, rejecting anything that is deemed to be spoiled / dirty / unwashed / unrecyclable. 

Delivery of unprocessed raw material arrives at the warehouse from Industrial laundries or sister warehouses throughout the UK.

Upon arrival, the inventory is unloaded and any wet stock is immediately removed, the rest is cleared for sorting.


(Second Inspection)

Inventory received from the collection is manually inspected piece by piece by our Sorting Team. 

Any remaining wet/dirty items are removed.

They separate by material and condition, and pass each grade to the relevant storage/processing team. 

NOTE: Only white flat grades are processed for White Sheeting orders
No grades with buttons or seams are kept


(for Warehouse Storage)

When a particular grade isn’t immediately required, the sorted containers are sent to the Bailing Team where the inventory is compressed and sealed in bales.

Each bale is sealed, weighed, and stored in-house until required. This ensures the sorted stock remains clean and dry.


(Third Inspection)

Our Cutting Team receive either a bale from storage, or a sorted container from the Sorting Team, and manually inspect each piece as they cut and recycle them by hand into uniform, usable wipers.

Each wiper is then placed into a blue plastic barrow ready to be quality controlled by the Order Processing Team.


Order Processing
(Fourth Inspection)
Before the wipers reach the packing area, each plastic blue barrow is inspected by our Quality Control team. A small sample is taken from each barrow to ensure each wiper is uniform in size, clean, neatly cut, and up to the highest standard ready for customer use.


(Fifth Inspection)

Each blue plastic barrow is taken to our Packing Team who are responsible for packing to the required customer order.

Wipers are weighed by hand on our industrial scales and inspected again before they enter the compressor, resulting in airtight and eco-friendly squeeze-packs. 

All orders are packed in a sterile area to ensure nothing can contaminate the cut wipers. Labels are also added to each bag at this stage where applicable.


Order Preparation
(Sixth Inspection)

Squeeze-packed wipers are then handed to the Orders Team to be prepared for dispatch.

Orders are metal detected, placed on pallets, and shrink wrapped to ensure they reach their destination safely and securely.


(Seventh and Final Inspection)

Pallets are stored safely and securely in-house, ready to be collected and delivered to the customer.