Zero Waste to Landfill: The Waste Hierarchy

Zero Waste to Landfill: The Waste Hierarchy

The Waste Hierarchy

The Waste Hierarchy is essentially the baseline for Zero Waste to Landfill initiatives, which highlights the various solutions for waste before resulting to landfill.

The model, an upside-down triangle, depicts the methods from most to least favourable, starting at prevention and ending with landfill, which is presented as a last possible resort. Overall the goal of the model is to encourage waste creators and management providers to explore alternative solutions and get the most out of waste.

At Coppermill Ltd it is our mission and ethos to be actively working across each of the methods to help prevent textile waste from reaching landfill. This includes recovering textiles that have been treated and recovered at industrial laundries, and offering them new life as a recycled cleaning wiper based on each textile's absorbency and cleaning properties. These wipers are cost effective, eco-friendly, reusable, and fully recyclable so that it never needs to reach landfill. 

Over the past 100+ years we are proud to have diverted and recycled millions of tons of textile waste destined for landfill. 


The Waste Hierarchy – Reuse is the new Recycling — Children's Scrapstore

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