Unleash Your Creativity with Eco-Friendly Textiles by the Kilo!

Unleash Your Creativity with Eco-Friendly Textiles by the Kilo!

Why Buy By-the-Kilo?

Our by-the-kilo system is tailored to meet the needs of everyone from professional decorators to budding art students and DIY enthusiasts. The concept is simple: you come to our location, choose exactly what you need from our vast selection of recycled textiles, and pay based on weight. This method ensures that you get precisely what you need without any waste, and at prices that are budget-friendly—ranging from £2 to £5 per kilo depending on the material.

A Treasure Trove of Materials

At Coppermill Ltd, we believe in giving textiles a second life. Our inventory includes a diverse array of fabrics sourced from various industries, reclaimed upholstery, discarded samples, and more. Each visit to our store is a new adventure, with stocks continuously updated, ensuring there's always something new to discover.

Hands-On Experience

One of the joys of shopping for textiles by the kilo is the tactile experience. Unlike ordering online, visiting our store allows you to touch, feel, and personally select fabrics that meet your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for something durable for a new set of drapes or a delicate fabric for an art project, you can find it all under our roof.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Shopping for textiles by the kilo isn't just good for your wallet—it's good for the planet too. By choosing recycled materials, you're helping reduce waste and support a more sustainable fashion industry. It's a win-win: you get high-quality materials at a fraction of the cost, and the environment benefits from reduced resource consumption and landfill waste.

Perfect for Creatives

Whether you're a professional decorator tasked with revamping a space, an art student working on a project, or a hobbyist looking to experiment, our textiles offer a flexible solution. You can buy small quantities for a patchwork project or larger volumes for bigger undertakings. Our friendly staff is always on hand to weigh your selections with you and discuss pricing, ensuring transparency and satisfaction with every purchase.

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